Emperor Gum - Iphis And Ianthee

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Iphis' father didn't want a girl
Ianthe's settled for one
Iphis was told she was a man
Ianthe was told to marry one

Iphis learned to fight instead of talk
How to hold a sword and not a song
Ianthe learned to hold her tongue
Learned to whisper and grow her hair long

Break your mirror, break your mind
Leave your dreams in the fragments
Stop your wishing wasting time
Your not free to make your judgements

Find a girl and settle down
Find a boy to choose for you
Iphis found a girl who know her mind
Ianthee didn't find a boy

Break your engagement from your minds
Strip the rings from your fingers
You'll never marry in these times
Your not free to choose who lingers
If they would not take her as a woman
Iphis swore that they would accept a man

Iphis destroyed Argus, put out its prying eyes
Iphis murdered Scylla for its jealousy and pride
Iphis killed the Hydra, cut down that vicious snake
Iphis crushed the Minatour, that child of lust and hate

Ianthee waits on a island
A decade of lonely dawns
Ianthee watches the sails
Counting threads and mourns

Iphis, you'll ne'er prove yourself a man
Pray to the Gods, see if they can
Who are you trying to impress
Iphis, if you love her then leave here
Take this woman by the hand
You don't need to be a man to woe her
This land will never be your home
Beyond the horizen you will find your own


from The Legend of SKULTAR!, track released September 21, 2010
Written by Graham Porter




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