wait, WHAT? - S​-​K​-​U​-​L​-​T​-​A​-​R

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S! S is for the Skultar violent way,
K! If you say, "Let's read Skultar", I'll say 'K',
U! Stands for U! U have stolen destiny,
and L! is for La la la la.
T! T is for The swords, The knives, The blood, The fear,
The myth, The magic, The mercenary, The warrior, The steel brassiere,
A! Stands for A! wonderful time we're having here, and
R! is for Retail price $3.99.
You might be wondering, "What's the deal with these letters?",
Well, baby, now it's time to put them all together.
All together now.
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! (echo: S-K-U-L-T-A-R)
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! Ladies! (echo: S-K-U-L-T-A-R)
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! Dyslexics! (echo: R-A-T-L-U-K-S)
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! Skultar! (echo: Skultar!)
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! spells what? I can't hear you.
S-K-U-L-T-A-R! spells Love.


from The Legend of SKULTAR!, released September 21, 2010
Written and performe by Wait, WHAT?
"Wait, What?" is Glen Nesbitt, Alexzander David Benavidez, and Shelby Prendergast.




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