Boffo Yux Dudes - Roll Dem Bones, Skultar

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The brains of the operation just came down the hill.
Bouncing off rocks, their heads finally still.
How do I follow such a terrible slob?
Well, now I’m stuck ‘cause it’s my job.

I climbed on the backs of the previous fallen
Because I heard hoots and the slovenly callin’
of the creeps that kept hacking and people at bay
until the edge of my sword gave them nothing to say

Skultar! I cried as the wind heard a whistle.
I don’t think those dudes will use heads as a missile
Skultar! I shouted when I finished the game
What’s really important? It’s only a name.

I vanquished the cretins, the rest of them ran
When that Zakurai guy came up with a plan
You need a new gimmick to keep them away
Tho Skultar died quickly, you’re still here today.

Skultar! I screamed and I started to shout
They all seem to run when I pull my sword out
Skultar! I wonder who it is I can blame
What’s really important? It’s only a name.

He said to think quickly, and take on the name
of his old boss’s moniker, his largess and fame
It’ll make thing easier he coughed with a blurt
Just like everyone knows of Dread Pirate Roberts!

Skultar! I screamed as this got out of hand
I’m not a barbarian, only a man
Skultar! I know that the man is not me
but now i’m stuck with his old identity


from The Legend of SKULTAR!, released September 21, 2010
Written by Allan Morgan and Tom Giarrosso




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